Business owners and senior management often bring me in when…

  • Seeking an outside perspective on key business issues
  • It doesn’t feel like the business is performing as it should be
  • Wanting to fully understand complex problems
  • Needing to deliver complex, time-critical projects
  • Something is amiss with the business culture
  • They are not sure what else to do
  • Business is so great that things are growing too quickly

I share candid observations – quickly. 

I tell the truth – about your people, leadership, culture, strategy and processes.

I offer simple, practical suggestions that work in the real world, and I work to address your issues as fast as possible. 

I’m blunt. I call it like I see it. 

I am emotional, take my clients’ business personally, and act like my own livelihood depends on their success. 

I NEVER try to create a bigger, longer, or more expensive engagement. 

If I am not convinced that I’m the exact right person to quickly and effectively help you, I will refer you to someone else whom I trust.

I can only take on a limited number of consulting clients. If you are looking to engage me, contact the team here to schedule a conversation and please share your objectives for the engagement.